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Egg artistry involves cutting intricate designs into natural eggshells, then adding embellishments to make each one unique. Our eggs are real and they will break if treated roughly, so please handle your art eggs with care! Our egg art, delicate as it is, makes an excellent gift for any occasion, including baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, thank yous, funerals, memorials, and “just because.” These personalized carved eggs will be cherished for many years, guaranteed.

We put heart and soul into our egg ornaments, and it is not a cheap hobby. About 10% of the shells we use are expected to break when our egg sculptor carves them. The tools themselves can run into the hundreds of dollars because they are extremely precise instruments. We must also invest in protective eyewear and breathing masks to avoid getting the eggshell dust in our eyes or lungs.

Is there an egg artist inside of you? If you would like to create your own art egg, we have a substantial supply of decorative items for use in trimming carved edges, figurines for creating 3-D dioramas within the shell, and lovely stands on which to display your creations. We hold ongoing classes for every level of egg artist, so why not get into this precious form of art? If you need ideas, please browse our site to see our recent projects and our jewelry findings.

At Tiggers Creations Egg Artistry Gifts & Supplies of Rochester Hills, MI, we take animal welfare very seriously. We only harvest eggs from non-endangered birds, and then only those eggs that are not fertilized. No bird is ever harmed during the course of our work. Some of the eggs we use come from the following birds:

• Araucana
• Blue Duck
• Bobwhite Quail
• Button Quail
• Duck
• Emu
• Finch
• Goose
• Guinea Fowl
• Ostrich
• Parakeet
• Rhea

At Tiggers Creations Egg Artistry Gifts & Supplies, we are the only source for egg art in Rochester Hills, MI.

If you do not find what you are looking for, just ask and we will create it for you!

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